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How You Can Benefit With EST 123

  • Saves countless hours letting you use your time to make money
  • Affordable with all the features needed to create comprehensive competitive bids with ease & efficiency
  • Equally good for both commercial or residential estimates of any size
  • No licensing fees, just a one time payment with a money back guarantee for use on an unlimited number of computers
  • Auto calculations eliminate mathematical errors and immediately reflect all the math that produces the bid
  • Intuitively easy with the feel of a “pencil & paper” manual takeoff
  • Save time using shortcut speed keys to move around takeoff categories
  • Input custom material for each takeoff category or as miscellaneous for precise material estimates
  • The takeoff database can be filtered so that only the items used in the bid appears on the job estimate
  • Linear takeoffs and device counts can be directly entered into the estimate using a digital scaler
  • Device counts can be downloaded from electronic drawings & inserted into the estimate
  • Numerous pre-built assemblies saves valuable time
  • Custom assemblies can be created that will show the labor and material costs, as well as all of the items in the assembly
  • Automatic labor cost estimates based on proprietary labor units that were derived from over 40 years of experience allows for more accurate estimates, providing an advantage over competitors
  • Unit prices can be fine tuned for a particular job, reflecting the variables in the bid summary and takeoff areas
  • Accurately estimate labor with the % difficulty column for each takeoff item
  • Make competitive bids with precise cost estimates based on the latest material trade service prices, as well as competitive supplier exchange prices which are what actual preferred electrical contractors are paying for material
  • Input exact custom supplier material prices for more accuracy than the pricing service
  • Material prices can be maintained and updated automatically when there are price cost changes
  • Professional Bid Summary provides all pertinent info in a clear & concise manner
  • Professional printouts of the bid summary & takeoff provide easy access to all the important information
  • All estimates will have the same professional look, format and style
  • Labor hours customizable by straight time, overtime, apprentice, mechanic & foreman for precise labor estimates
  • Percent lost time allows for estimating extra labor due to travel, work restrictions, supervision, etc.  Percent saved time allows for time saved by very efficient crews.
  • Get started right away with our Quick Start Guide
  • Full customization provides flexibility if desired
  • Make revisions quickly & save multiple versions of a bid
  • Full no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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